A good CMS can save you money

By designing your website with a view to future updates and including a simple Content Management System, you can save yourself time, money and stress – which makes good business sense for any small business website – here’s a story of exactly why a good CMS is Simply Good Business.

Recently there has been a bit of a furore online in the US centred around the temper tantrum being thrown by a Harvard Economics Professor after being overcharged $4.00 by a Chinese restaurant. (here’s a link to story if you want to read more: http://fortune.com/2014/12/10/harvard-spicy-chicken-spat/)

Essentially, the Chinese Restaurant had published their menu and pricing on their website.  Prices were then updated, but the web wasn’t.  The upshot being that the Econs Prof was overcharged by $4.00 (on a $50.00 plus order).  A long line of email argument ensued – with both parties behaving less than optimally.

We won’t be addressing the right and wrong of the spat – instead taking it as an object lesson in why an easy to use CMS is simply a part of “good business”.

It transpires that the restaurant, had to go back to their original website designer to get the prices changed.  Highly inefficient, slow and as has been shown by this needless argument – very very troublesome.

With a good Content Management System – the prices could have been updated within five minutes – even for the technically illiterate that can only use email.

It’s easy to be wise after the fact – but had we been designing the website, we would have offered the restaurant two options for their Content Management and Pricing – depending upon how technically savvy they were, and how much time they were willing to spend managing the website.

The first, would have been similar to this Golfing Gifts Website.  Note the features

A good CMS system with shopping cart

a)      Title of dish, with 5-10 word description and pricing

b)      Click through for each item to a detailed description, with more pictures.

c)       This site does offer a shopping cart – which is not necessary for this particular restaurant website

CMS_Example2A slight different option would be similar to valve supplier IEVS.  It could be either a “click to download menu” or, alternatively it could be a PDF inserted into a menu page.  Both options would allow for a “one click upload” and editing of the website – very similar in style to inserting a picture into a Microsoft word document.


A simple to use CMS

This option is even easier to manage – and  with the comprehensive WordPress CMS userguide that we provide as part of every project, even with the most basic IT knowledge the website update would be completed inside of 5 minutes – without having to go back to some vendor, website manager or other supplier (incurring not only time delays but also expense).

As to which option would have best suited the Chinese Restaurant in this case – we have absolutely no idea.  Which is why we always sit down and talk to our clients first, to determine what they need in a website, how much time they are willing / able to dedicate to managing it, and how often it is changed.  Most likely, they would have gone for a simple insertion of a PDF Menu into the “menu tab” – a menu that they would have been able to quickly and easily update in word.

If that had been the case – this whole problem would have been avoided – with a simple, 5 minute update.

And as they say – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – wouldn’t this have been a far better way to manage the website?

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