Creating Copy Can be Confusing!

copywritingDid you know that in addition to everything else we do, Print 22 also offers a comprehensive content creation service?

This can range anywhere from original content for websites to managing a blog with well researched, original content for your corporate blog.

Just today, as an example of the sort of work that is done – we have been creating content for three different clients – one is a bi-lingual childcare centre , the second is a specialist in Gifts for Golfers and the third is a valve manufacturer, supplying a wide range of valves in Singapore.

You wouldn’t think so, but valves can be surprisingly interesting – especially for a beer lover like me.  Did you realise that not only are butterfly valves used in industrial applications in Singapore – they can also be used in the home brew culture?  I’m not sure exactly how legal making home brew is here in Singapore – it does tend to be frowned on to do anything fun or exciting or creative (sorry, I don’t think such scarcasm is really called for right?).

In any case – I also found out that another name for butterfly valves is quarter turn valves – so I guess that I will now be better prepared for the next time that I do a crossword and get asked a stumper of a clue.

After a long (and somewhat confusing) day – I guess that we will signoff and complete this particular blog post with a recommendation – if you are looking for any sort of ball valves, or anything of that sort of nature – please do search out IEVS – the team over there is super friendly and helpful, and after the research we have done, we would certainly recommend them.

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