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If you’re office bound, or work a lot from Google (the world’s most popular search engine with over over 75% of the non-Chinese market) you may well notice that they change their theme on a daily basis.  For the history buff, the trivia afficiando or just the curious, the banner can provide a brief laugh at the start of the day.

Our SEO Consultant pointed out to us that today’s image honours Zubir Said - the composer of Singapore’s National Anthem “Majulah Singapura”.  If you haven’t heard it before, or are just missing out on your dose of cute – here’s video of some Kindergarten Children singing for you.  This was shot at the Parry Avenue centre for Treasure Box Childcare Centre – a bilingual childcare centre with a school in the East (Parkway Parade) and another in the North East (Parry Avenue)

One thing that we have always liked about Google, and probably a good part of the reason why they have captured so much of the search market is that you can’t pay to be listed in the organic search part of Google.  This picture (that we have borrowed from an American webdesigner – let us know if you want it removed guys!) does a pretty good job of describing the parts of the google search results.

google_search_results_explainedWhat a SEO consultant does is help you to be listed on the first page of the Organic Results – which capture about 90% of the clicks for any given search. The Consultant will help you to set up your website with great content that is written specifically for you, to attract people to the page.  This content will be rich in the words that people use to find you.

There are also things like meta-tags, page descriptions, page headings and site maps that will help you to get listed.

For Print22 – we are very firm believers in the practise of SEO – Hunterville International ( are managing our page for us – since they designed our website, and wrote all the content for us we have built to around 3,000 visitors a month to our website.  And this for a fresh and new website – we tend to get 15 to 20 enquiries per day for our most popular services (namecards, business cards and brochure design). And the best thing about this service is that once you are on page one – it is a lot easier to maintain the listing.

This is where SEO is very different from paid ads (also known as SEM) – for the paid ads, as soon as you stop paying, your ad disappears.  For SEO – it will continue for as long as people find our page interesting and informative.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about how you too can have a website that will generate inquiries for you, or you want to update an existing website (or look into Content Marketing) you can call us on 6222 3000, or you can also drop our web consultant a note.  (If you quote this blog, you will get three months SEO free with a new website*)

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