Content Management System

Websites have evolved a long way, and people today are more connected than ever – it is now common to check reviews for a restaurant while you are on your way out for dinner, or to look at a “special deals” section of a website for promotions before buying anything. If you are a company […]


New Website

In the current environment when more that 78% of Singaporeans have a facebook account, and on average we spend more than 2 hours a day online – it is an imperative that you have a good looking, easy to navigate an professional website for your company. Be it a sole proprietorship, Pte ltd or an limited […]

A good CMS can save you money

By designing your website with a view to future updates and including a simple Content Management System, you can save yourself time, money and stress – which makes good business sense for any small business website – here’s a story of exactly why a good CMS is Simply Good Business. Recently there has been a […]


Do It Right – Business Card Etiquette for Asia

How to make the right first impression in Asian business meetings

So – What does your brand stand for?

With effective branding, you should be able to describe your company as though it is a person.  Your company’s “brand” is how it behaves, and what people think of it.  Just think of the people below – when you look at the pictures, you can tell me how each behaves – think of your brand […]

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