An Introduction to your new Business Card

Business Cards – An Introduction!

If you’re new to printing business cards – you needn’t worry.  Having a name card printed is a pretty simple process that can be managed quickly, easily and effectively by a wide range of printers in Singapore.  Here at Print22 we offer a fast and convenient solution to all of your business card needs.  What’s even better – we are one of the cheapest in the central city and we also offer a comprehensive design service that can design your business cards for you – from a wide range of different namecard designs.  We can also include a new and original logo design if you have not yet prepared a corporate logo for your new business.

The Types

Business cards come in several shapes and sizes. You can do some research online to better understand what kind of business card is usually accepted in your industry. If you have a designer who has designed your logo, s/he will be in a better position to guide you regarding the same. The first thing you must do is understand the details that will go on your card. For example, if you have an online store, you may not need a residential address on your business card.

The Design

Innovation in design has ensured that business cards today come in various sizes and shapes. If you choose a design that is not a square or a rectangle, you will end up spending more as a dye is manufactured specifically to cut your customized size. After this, the number of colors you have on your visiting card, must ideally be in CMYK color codes so as to ensure the perfect look, exactly as you see on your screens.

The Cost

The cost will depend mainly on your quantity and shape. If you have only two colors to print the cost will be lesser than what you need for multiple-color printing. If you have any pasting or other requirement that you want, labor charges may apply separately. The cost will also depend highly on what kind of paper you choose for your business cards. For example, art paper is more expensive. The thickness of paper also determines a lot. Paper is measured in GSM; higher the GSM, higher the cost.

The Location

Last but not the least, the location of the printing hub also matters. If you only want to print a few business cards, you might want to select a printer closer to your office and/or home. This will reduce your traveling and/or transport costs. Also, selecting a hub that has several printers might also work in your favor as you will get competitive rates from all.

You might also want to ask for contacts from friends as everyone knows printers that print business cards in Singapore. If you have liked someone’s business card specifically, you might directly take the contact from him/her.

Now that you know all these pointers, it will be easier for you to understand the entire process of business card printing in Singapore. Come to think of it, it is not all difficult. Once you print business cards from the printer, you will have no problem availing these services again in the future.

We invite you to check out our namecard pricing and some of the more common options.  If there’s anything that you don’t quite understand, we would also invite you down to our office in Amoy Street for a personal chat with one of our friendly designers


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