apparel faq

Q : What size is recommended / standard for embroidery?

The normal size for custom embroidery is approximately 7-8cm length and all text and lettering should be bigger than 5mm height – however when you speak to our designers they can offer many different options depending upon the nature of your logo, and what you would like to achieve.

Q : When should we use silkscreen printing for our custom apparel?

Silkscreen printing for apparel is best used for quantities above 100pcs (print runs) with 1-3 colours on the printed portion.

Q : If I don’t have a logo or if i dont have any graphic designer, can you create one for me?

At Print 22 we offer silk screen printing on a very wide variety of different shirt styles from polos to t-shirts and even include hoodies. We work with you to suggest the best design for your needs, and when you talk to our designers, (for a small fee) we can create the logo for you.

Q : Do you provide samples?

After you have confirmed your order and placed a deposit, we also provide print samples so you can see an actual copy of the shirt or item before it goes to print.

Q : Can we view samples?

We do invite you to view some samples of silk screen printing that / t-shirt printing that we have done for other clients.

Q : When should we use embroidery for our custom t-shirt or apparel printing?

Embroidery is often the best option for custom logo when the printed/embroidered area is small and relatively discreet. Reason being big embroidery patch is usually uncomfortable to wear and it very expensive . Custom embroidery on apparel can also offer multi-colour print on a very wide range of different shirt styles.

Custom embroidery on t-shirts, polos or other apparels is often used when our clients want to deliver an image of exclusivity, “specialness” or want to emphasise the the shirts have been custom printed.

Q : Can we view your embroidery work quality?

For some samples of custom embroidery on shirts and other apparels we invite you to view our custom embroidery printing samples that we have already completed. Just call or email us for an appointment.

Q : Can you print on a variety of items for our event?

If you would like to discuss what sort of printing is best for customizing a uniform, door gift or corporate gift we do invite you to talk to our designers who will help to advise you on the best printing method for your needs.

Q : When should we use transfer print?

Transfer print, or heat transfer is an effective custom printing option for “super urgent” jobs. When you customize your item using heat transfer printing, the turn-around time from briefing the designer, to customizing the logo / picture and then receiving your custom printed shirt can be as short as three days.

Heat transfer printings / customizing your shirt or polo using transfer print can also allow for very detailed and colourful work, and for small print runs can be a more cost effective option than silk screen printing. Although, we do advise that if you want a durable custom printed shirt that is going to be hard wearing you should use silkscreen printing.

We invite you to take a look at past heat transfer printing jobs that Print 22 has prepared.


Q : How long does it take to prepare a custom printing sample for me to see?

There are a lot of variables in how long this may take. The short answer is that you can expect to see a sample of your custom print shirt or apparel item is approx: ONE WEEK.

The more detailed answer is: it depends.

Our designers work with you to create the layout and “look” that you want for your customized shirt.

We provide you with a picture mock-up of how your custom printed shirt will look for your approval and feedback before preparing a sample for you.

Our biggest concern is always that our clients are getting the best value for their custom apparel and that the printed shirt achieves their goal.

We invite you to have a look at some our custom print case studies for more on what can be done, or do browse through some of the custom apparel printing jobs that we have done.

Q : How long will it take for mass production of my custom printed shirt/ apparel item?

Much like the question “when can I see a custom print sample” the answer here is “it depends”. In general you can expect to receive your custom printed shirt/ apparel within 2-4 WEEKS of approving the sample and subject to production schedule.

This will however vary depending on whether you use embroidery, heat transfer or silk screen printing, how many items you are ordering and also your own deadline.

If you are in a rush(less than 1 week) for the item, we do recommend heat transfer printing as the “fastest”.

For large quantities we find that silk screen printing for your custom printed shirt is often the most cost effective option.

Q : Can I get an exact colour match for my logo when I do custom shirt/ apparel printing?

For custom printing onto shirts or other apparel we can usually achieve a 90-99% or better colour match – depending on the complexity of your logo or picture, the material used and the printing method.

For the best results and closest match of your custom printed shirt to your logo, we request a logo sample and the pantone code.

If you have specific concerns about how closely your logo colour can be matched when you are doing custom t-shirt printing we invite you to speak to one of our designers, alternatively you can view some of our previous custom t-shirt printing clients.

Q : Which is the most comfortable custom printing method – Embroidery, heat-transfer or silkscreen?

We often find that for custom apparel printing or t-shirt printing, silk screen is the most comfortable to wear. We also find that custom printing onto shirts using silk screen is the most durable/ hardwearing.

There is however a very wide range of comfort and usage differences depending upon what material you use, the style of your custom printed shirt/ apparel and how it is going to be used. If you have any specific questions we would invite you to speak to one of our designers who can talk about what is the best printing method for your customized polo/ apparel.

Q : Can I create my own design?

YES. If you have in-house designers, or are a talented artist yourself you can do your own logo or picture design for your custom apparel printing.

At Print 22 we also offer professional design services and consultancy that can help you to create a logo or corporate identity, or work with you on the design of your customized printing.

Q : Do I need to create my own design?

NO. Print 22 offers professional designers that will work with you to create a design for your customized polo / t-shirt. This also includes a consultation with you on why you want to create a custom print shirt, and suggestions on what sort of material you should use.

At Print 22 we have a very wide range of shirt designs and materials that you can choose from, and we will help you to select the style and material for custom shirt printing that best meets your company’s needs.

If you don’t have a logo, Print 22 can offer a professional Corporate Identity design and writing service for your convenience.

We invite you to view some of the corporate logos that Print 22 have created.

Q : Is there any charge if you create a design for my custom print t-shirt / polo?

NO. As part of our customized shirt printing service we can help you to create the design for your shirt/ polo for free for corporate orders and orders above 100pcs.

Q : Can I select the size I need for custom printed shirts / apparel?

YES. We give you a size chart before you place order, and you can order different sizes in the quantity that you need.

Q : If I need my custom printed shirt within 10days what options can I have?

As Print 22 is a regular supplier of custom printed shirts and apparels we do keep some “ready stocks” of shirts that can be printed immediately. If you are able to choose your shirt style and colour from within our stocks we can deliver your job within 10 days.

Also, different print styles for custom shirt printing have different lead times – the fastest is Heat Transfer printing, which can be ready very quickly for small quantities.

Some of the shirt styles that we are able to offer for your custom printing needs include honeycomb, dri-fit and 100% cotton tee for you custom printing needs.