print faq

Q : What is the standard size for a business card or namecard?

In Singapore the “normal” size of a business card is 90mm x 54mm. For the best price and cheapest online prices that Print 22 offer for namecard printing this is the size that we have assumed.

However there isn’t really a “standard” when it comes to business cards – the size that you use really depends upon the image of the company, and what your personal preferences are.

If you want something to be unique, then our designers here at Print 22 can work with you to create a business card design that is very unique to you, and will be commented upon, helping you to stand out and be remembered by your clients and customers.

Some of the other options for namecards that you can consider include “die cut namecards” (eg round corners, or a special shape), tent fold name cards (business cards that open with more information inside) or special effects printing like lamination or spot UV.

Many times we find that if you are a subsidiary of an international company, you will have a “corporate identity” to follow that will specify exactly how the namecard should be printed, and will tell you what information must appear on the business cards.

If you are a Singapore company that is wanting to create a regional or global presence, you may want to consider having a Corporate Identity guide prepared that will tell your subsidiary exactly how the namecards must be printed. This will help you to make sure that no matter where people meet with your company, the experience and quality will be the same.

When Print 22 does custom print jobs, such as brochures, corporate profiles or custom print t-shirts we often ask for the Corporate Identity guide as that tells us what colours your logo must be printed in, the size and many other things that help our designers to create the correct item for you.

Q : What weight is the normal namecard or business card?

The default weight for a business card in Singapore is either 280gsm with matt lamination or 250 gsm white card without laminate.

Our best price quotes and cheapest online ordering are based on this weight.

However, much like the normal size for a business card, this is not a “rule”. You are free to create whatever weight you want for your business card depending upon your own individual needs and preferences.

When we design a business card we ask you what sort of paper you want it printed on, and we will provide you with the best business card quote we can – when you want a quote for a unique business card we encourage you to speak directly to one of our designers.

Q : Which format does my namecard design have to be in?

If you are providing your own namecard design or layout, we are able to print the business card from Illustrator, PDF, or Photoshop EPS, (orginal softcopy which is editable, please path the font and embed the picture)

Our designers will help to check the quality of the pictures / logos and ensure that the colours are as close as we can get them. When you have background colour on your namecard or you are printing a colour logo, it is also a good idea (although not essential) to provide us with the Pantone code of your colours – which will help us to get a better colour match for your printed business cards.

If you have a business card design that you like in a JPEG format, we are also able to ask our designers to redo it in “proper” graphic design software – many new or start-up companies have also provided us with a name card design (or indeed a brochure / flyer design) in Microsoft word format that our designers then professionally layout for you.

Q : What is a high resolution file, and what resolution must my document be in for printing?

A high resolution file is a Vector file which is editable or a JPEG file with a minimum resolution of 300DPI in actual size.

Sound confusing? Never mind, at Print 22 we are here to help you. If you already have a graphic design team (or person) at your company, they will understand this. If, like many, you have been tasked to create the namecards with no prior graphic design experience just give us a call and tell us what you want and we will have one of our graphic design team help you out.

If you don’t have the original high resolution file, Print 22 Is able to help you create it from either a jpeg, an existing namecard or even a word document where you have created the basic design that you want.

One thing that is very helpful to us when re-doing a namecard design is your Corporate Identity Guide or manual – this will tell us all the rules that we need to know about your logo to make sure that it looks correct when it is put onto your namecard. If you don’t have a corporate identity manual, we can help with a simple corporate identity guide writing service.

Once created, we also keep your name card design on file, so that in the future, if you need a business card for new staff, or if you want to reprint the same namecard we can do it quickly and efficiently without having to redo the layout every time.

Q : For a printing Quotation, what specifications or information do I need to give you?

When you order namecards, flyers or brochures from us, a good guide to the information we need to provide an accurate quote is contained within our respective “get a quote” pages

What we need to know to provide your printing quote is:

  • Desired delivery date
  • Quantity
  • Paper quality (both of the cover, and of the inside pages)
  • How many colours (normally this is black and white, one colour or four colour)
  • Binding style
  • Finishing (lamination/ UV/ Varnish/ emboss/hotstamp/diecut/punch hole/ serial number/ perforation/ window or non window)

Many that don’t print on a regular basis, find all this information a bit confusing – not to worry, we have a professional team of account servicing folk that can guide you through the entire process – just request an appointment with us, and we’ll help you with all the needs – whether it be a discussion on your design needs, paper quality, print timelines or even a consultation on corporate gifts to thank and reward your good customers.

Q : Am I able to do variable printing? A different name/ address – or customized names for certificates?

YES – when each printed item needs to have a different name, a running serial number, or some other difference we are able to provide this service for you.

Many people that do corporate gifts request this service – they want the item customized to each client or customer. A common request in this area is that the corporate gift item, folder or customized t-shirt is personalized with a name or designation. If you can provide us with the unique information to be printed on each item, then we can print them for you.

Q : Do you have “fancy”, unique or special high quality paper?


Q : If I don’t have artwork, what can you do?

At Print 22 we have a creative, fast and professional team of designers who will work with you to create a design that satisfies all of your needs. We can start your artwork from a “clean slate”, or we can adapt from an existing design and update it to your current needs.

Many of our clients will pass us pictures and text and then ask us to create a design for them – whether it be a brochure, flyer, namecard or banner. While others will give us a design brief (description of their needs) and we will help them to source pictures.

Further, we have on staff a professional copywriter who is able to talk to you and then write any text for you. This can be anything from a simple A5 flyer, to a complete website or report writing service.

One item that helps a great deal in creating any design for you is a copy of your Corporate Identity (the “rules” for how your logo is used) – this will help us to make sure that the look of any artwork we do is in line with your existing brand.

Another area where many of our clients ask for help is in designing their customized shirts or other custom printed apparel – because our designers are doing this work on a regular basis they are able to help you visualize and adapt the work to show it to the best advantage once it is being worn. For custom printed apparel, we are also able to offer a sample (upon confirmation of the job) so that you can see the actual shirt as it will look.
Do note that our design solutions are chargeable, for a full briefing on how our designers work, the charges and how to get the best out of our team why not have a chat with one of our professional servicing staff by requesting an appointment now (link this to request an appointment).

Q : Can you perfectly match the colour for my printing?

The CMYK print is “mix color ink” – because of variations in the mix, it is impossible to perfectly match different batches – every batch will have a 5-10% variation.

Q : Do you provide any “color proof”?

For Print 22 custom printing, you can request Digital Colour Proofing at a nominal fee of $5.00, however do note that there may still be a colour variance due to different ink batches and materials.

Q : Are reprints going to be exactly the same colour as before?

Our name cards and custom business cards at Print 22 are printed using “CMYK” so there is always a small degree of colour variance between different print runs due to slight differences in ink and materials.

Q : What services you have beside standard printing job?

In addition to “standard” printing jobs such as name cards and business cards, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and booklets Print 22 is able to offer a comprehensive solution for anything printed.

This includes custom solutions for


  • Singage
  • Packaging
  • Car stickers
  • Shirts and caps
  • Cloth and paper bags
  • Customised corporate gifts

In fact, if it can be printed, we can provide a friendly and professional solution for you. For corporate gifts, we take pride in customizing a solution to your needs, and working with you to create a personalized gift that will help you to stand out from your competitors and be remembered.