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At Print 22 we are able to create for a simple Corporate Identity Guide that will tell people exactly how your logo can be used. Often, when we create a new logo for our clients, the more brand savvy and forward looking will also ask for a CI Manual to protect their new investment – afterall, why create a beautiful logo that then gets distorted and misused?

Take a look around you at the brands you see every day – Have you noticed that, all the big and best known brands look exactly the same, no matter where you are or what magazine, book, mall or website they are in?

There is never a variation in colour, proportion, spacing above and below it? You know, as soon as you see it, exactly who they are and what to expect when you enter the store. This is because that company has taken the time to create a handbook of allowable usage of that logo. A “rulebook” of how the logo looks that is strictly enforced for everything they do.

Famous Singapore Logos

Famous World Logo

This rulebook, or corporate identity manual includes all the information on your logo, letterhead, namecards and more. It sets out what colours can be used, what should be done if the logo is on a coloured background, the proportion of the logo and more. It tells you how the namecards look, what information is on them, and also your tagline.

A corporate identity guide makes life easy for whoever is in charge of your printing, advertising and design – they always have a fast and accurate way to make sure that your logo and colours are correct, and look how they should. For any good designer – whenever you get new namecards, letterheads, brochures or leaflets done, the first thing they will ask for is your “CI Manual” so that they make sure they get the design correct from the very beginning.

This rulebook can also be shared with all your international partners, subsidiary offices and printers to make sure that you are recognised when you expand abroad.

Logo Design
Your logo is the visual representation of your brand – it is what people see first when they are introduced to you, when they look at your namecards, invoices, letterheads or more. A logo should reflect the personality of your company, what you do and how you do it.

 Print22 Logo

Logos can be printed on everything from namecards to customized shirts, to towels to corporate gifts and more.

Print 22 offers you a logo design service – this can be for new start-ups, wanting to create an entirely new logo, established companies wanting a logo refresh or even for long running companies that want a product logo, a certification or a visual representation of something they are doing (for example – an anniversary logo). Here are some of the logos that Print 22 has designed for our other clients – if you need a logo, why not talk to one of our designers now?

Logo or Corporate Identity?

Your letterhead , logo, envelopes, name-cards , banners and website design  are all parts of your corporate identity. For many, this also extends to uniforms, custom designed t-shirts  and even sponsorship guidelines.

Custom Designed T-shirts

In addition to designing your logo, and creating your letterhead, we can write the set of instructions for the corporate identity, so that your logo, colours and awards are used correctly every-time.


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